In Defence of Carolyn Gomes, and Human Rights in Jamaica

Under the Saltire Flag

1. From Writing to Righting

Say what you will of Dr Carolyn Gomes, even her worst critics must give her this: she is not yet another white Jamaican content to sit on her verandah and moan with her band of uptown friends and family about how bad things are on the island. We know that such conversations take place every Sunday in Jacks Hill, or Irish Town, or other similar Upper Snaaandrew locations. And always over brunch. ‘My dear, I just don’t know what is happening to this country! My gaawwwwdd! It’s just awful. Just last night I said to Harold – I said, listen honey, when we go to Frawwwnce this summer for holidays, I have a good mind not coming back.  Just pay off Mavis and lock up the house, yu hear me! I mean really – things are just getting out of control! The hooligans are running rampant…

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